The Pastarito restaurant, now having in the Bahrain City Centre, Durrat Al-Bahrain and The Dubai Mall, are the only ‘true’ Italian restaurant within the Kingdom, being the only franchise of an Italian-based restaurant group. It brings to the island a fusion of two cuisine styles for which Italy is synonymous, pasta and pizza. This combination of these traditional dishes reflects the joyous and carnival culture that epitomizes group gatherings.

The result is a menu that underscores the desire for eating to be an experience rather than merely a necessary function, the menu is categorized into seven segments, there are appetizers, salads, pasta, risotto, pizza, steaks and desserts as well as a kids menu.

A key feature of the menu is the ability to mix and match pasta and sauces. Any selection of the eight types of pasta — including tagliatelle, fusilli, penne, linguine and spaghetti — can be combined with any of the 20 sauces available. Many customers will often combine sauces, such as arrabbiata and alfredo, to create unique combinations tailored to individual palattes.

There is a wide range of pizza options — from a margherita to a napoli to a carnivora — and the risotto dishes include combinations of chicken and seafood. The menu also includes three signature steak choices; filetto au funghi, entrecote alla pete verde and pollo alla peimontese.

Those looking for a lighter meal can select from the sandwiches made with ciabatta bread; the capriccioso comes with turkey ham, a green salad, feshly sliced tomatoes and cheddar cheese, while the tirolose includes air-cured beef from Italy, a rocket salad, pickles and cheddar cheese.

Other choices include the club sandwich, the Pastarito sandwich — Milano salami, fresh salad and mushrooms together with parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella cheese — and a chicken-based pesto e pollo. For dessert, try the house specialty, Botta di Vita; a mouthwatering mixture of mascarpone cheese and nutella chocolate freshly baked in a calzone-style. Included on the menu are lunch specials priced at a special price. A prominent feature of the restaurant is the ambiance. There is the open kitchen, the spacious seating plan and a combination of colours and decorations that reflects the distinctive appearance of a Pastarito outlet.